Is Vaping too Cool for it’s Own Good?

Is vaping cool

E-cigarettes became known to the general public around 2004. People who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking, have traditionally done so to save money or lessen risks to health.

A little over a decade later vaping has become part of the culture within the UK, the United States and around the world. Vape stores are seen in shopping centers all over.

Vaping lounges, where people can hang out and socialize are popping up in big cities around the globe. If you are interested in knowing London’s Best Vape Shops, check out this list.

Vaping can be done anywhere that its legal and you can do it indoors without having a lingering smoke smell.

Because of this factor, people can walk around stores, airports, concert halls and even some churches (depending on how much they care) enjoying their e-cigarettes, where as some of these places you can’t even smoke regular cigarettes by the door.

There are over 3 million people in the UK who vape. According to a PR Newswire article the vaping industry is set to gross 61 billion dollars by the year 2025. Meaning this is a huge profitable industry with no end in sight, at least as long as Big Tobacco doesn’t try to get a piece of that money.

It has been said that a lot of people are vaping because it just looks too freaking cool. With the fact that people want to vape to appear cooler says a lot about the image of a person who vapes.

There is one the one side of vaping with the people who vape who were originally smokers and needed an alternative, then there are the people who vape as a style preference.

Vaping trends

What is that style preference?

A lot of people see people who vape as a hipster niche, where people own mustache combs and only shop in gluten free or vegan stores.

That vaping is just one more thing to set them apart and different from others. In reality, just like with smoking cigarettes or marijuana there is no set look for someone who vapes.

That said, just like with the image that has been presented of smokers of cigarettes for so long, some people see people who vape as being cooler than them.

It’s the visual that the person vaping may live a more interesting life than the person who doesn’t. According to oz vapour there are a number of different types of vaping devices.

Different types of E-Cigarettes

MINI- These look and feel like a regular cigarette. They are looked at as the first generation of e-cigs.

They are the cheaper versions of e-cigs and called cig-a-likes. They don’t have the flavor or customizable options that the other e-cigarettes have.

MID-SIZE or Vape pens- These are larger then the mini’s and have a longer battery life. They look similar to pen’s and still give off the feel of holding a cigarette, if the person so chooses. These also hold more of the juice then the mini’s.

MODS & APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizers)- These are the newest versions of e-cigarettes and the more expensive out of the three types.

Hobbyists love these e-cigs because they can be customized much easier then the previous versions and you get everything the previous tools were giving you plus longer battery life, cooler designs and higher vapor production.

Vape 2020

Cool Vaping info

Clothing brands and websites that are selling vape fashion are Zazzle and Vaprwear, which sells products that allow you to secretly vape through the clothing.

There is even a trade show/convention for vaping called Vape Jam, where people can go and try out the newest products on the market and get to know other hobbyists or enthusiast’s. If you are interested in more information visit Vape Jam.

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