Corset Wedding Dresses –  the Most Special Day of Your Life

This year, the most popular wedding dress among brides in the UK & Europe is the corset dress. Fashion trends have never strayed far from the figure-flattering wedding dress, but this year it seems especially in vogue. Chapel weddings are more than just simple ceremonies now as these can be turned into the most dazzling runway shows.

The corset history: Mid-16th century, the corset started being used as a universally-worn garment among women. Whether they come from nobility or are commoners, women have grown to love the corset and have worn them on the best occasions in their lives. Today, the use of corset has evolved and is now fused to many haute couture bridal gowns.




Corset Wedding Dress



What your corset wedding dress can offer: The corset style wedding dress is usually made of stain, velvet or silk. Regardless of the bride’s body type, this wedding gown can easily accentuate and flatter her figure. Her natural curves are also shown to perfection because of the corset’s hourglass figure.

The corset dress girds and shapes the torso according to the most flattering figure for a woman. In many cases, the corset is used to cinch the waist and to support the woman’s breasts.

Corsets are also created to reduce the woman’s waist size from 2-7 inches. Full corsets cover the breast area while also elevating them. Under breast corsets, on the other hand, flatten the tummy and greatly reduces the waist size.

All corset wedding dresses have a form-fitting top which is just like the corset lingerie. This wedding dress provides a fairytale shape where corset tops are snug and the skirt areas flare.



Corset Wedding Dress



Corset spells sexy: There is no doubt that corset wedding dresses are sexy. This does not mean that you need to splurge, though, just to achieve the sexiness that you want on your wedding day.

There are also modestly-priced corset wedding dresses in the market which you can choose to invest in. Designer labels do not always mean you have the best. By taking the time to shop, you will be able to find a stunning corset wedding dress without burning a hole in your pocket.



Corset Wedding Dress



Corset styles to choose from: Most brides opt for strapless corsets or the shoulder-less varieties. These are time-tested styles which cater to a bride’s sense of beauty.

If you are more of a conservative bride, you can choose to have the long-sleeved variety. You can also exude elegance with straps and details at the back.

Whether you opt for the strapless types or the traditional ones, your corset wedding dress is sure to be an eye candy during that special day. The chapel aisle will be far from boring as you stride towards your groom.

Remember that the corset wedding dress is a slimming and figure-flattering piece so act the part by feeling and looking sensual that day. Make sure to choose the right kind of hairdresser and makeup artist to complete your look. After all, women get to walk the aisle once in their lifetime (or at least that’s the general idea!).

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